Playing with wordpress plugins

I spent some time tonight playing with some of the wordpress plugins, one of them is ‘Facebook comments for wordpress’. Works great except I had a hard time to adjust the width of the comment box. I spent quite some time and still couldn’t figured out why the width is always set to 300px, firebug told me it is not set explicitly in any css file and there seems no good way to find how this number is calculated. well, my hacky solution for now is to add the following css definition to my  facebook-comments-widgets.css

.fb_ltr {width:100%}
.fb_iframe_widget {width:610px} /*this is according to my theme layout setup*/

would be nice to get to the bottom of it but it works fine for now.

Other plugins works great after installation.
I really like the charming new look WPtouch gave under iphone/itouch
and the many share buttons by AddtoAny


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Sunday, May 29th, 2011 css, life, tech No Comments